Veronica Taylor (Voice Of Ash Ketchum)
A Witnessed Pokemon Card Signing

Meeting Veronica 

This month I successfully arranged a private signing at a secret location in London with Veronica Taylor (Original Voice Of Ash Ketchum) on the 25th of May 2023. 

Veronica let us sign 20 cards of which, 17 were sold directly to our WhatsApp group whilst the other three went to Peter, his friend and our EU office manager, Arnold.

What Does This Moment Mean?

Pokegrade are the only grader to have authenticated as well as graded Veronica Taylor signatures via a witnessed signing. 

How Does Veronica Sign?

Veronica signs all of her cards the same. Veronica ‘Ash’ Taylor is usually seen in the bottom right hand corner of each card she marks. 

Witnessed for authenticity – Why our authentication trumps the rest! 

Getting a signed card by Veronica is one thing. Getting the card marked as ‘authentic’ by a grader has always been a major issue.

The truth is that when it comes to authenticating signatures, in our professional opinion, these should never be awarded unless the grader has witnessed the signing and documented the event. 

We guarantee it 

Due to our extensive process, collectors who submit as well as purchase authenticated signed cards by us on the second hand market, can have 100% confidence that the product is genuine.

Unless the signing was witnessed by a grader, the truth is, despite what  the label says, the product may not be genuine.

Our advice to all is to be cautious of purchasing graded signed cards marked as authenticated by our competitors unless they can prove the signing was witnessed.