Last updated 28th July 2023

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All Language Pokemon Cards (Excluding Box Toppers)

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Metal Pokemon Cards (25th Anniversary)

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Upon completing your order, you’ll be given an order number. Place this on both the outside and inside of your package before sending to us.

Yes. You’ll receive an email you used to place your order notifying you that we have your cards at our head office.

Yes. You’ll receive an email with your Royal Mail tracking number once we’ve completed your order.

Yes. Your cards are fully insured under each service level. No additional fees will be charged based on the value of your cards.

Yes. You can purchase your grading reports here which include sub-grades and comments on any points of interest.

Please note that reports are only available for cards serial numbered after #23050. 

Please send your cards to us using a tracked Royal Mail service.

Our head office address can be found at the bottom of this page.

Please consider using suitable protection when sending your cards to us. You may use either toploaders or semi-rigids with sleeves. Tins and any other further packaging is completely acceptable. 

Every package is sent back with exceptional packaging protection which includes biodegradable pellets and bubble bags inside a self sealed box wrapped in fragile tape. Packages are non branded to deter any unwanted attention.

If you’re having trouble viewing a report on your mobile, simply download the file to your phone when you’re at the password screen. Then, simply open the file directly from your phone stored files supposed to the browser and then enter your password. This should solve the issue. 

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