Trading Card Grading





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Reports Add-On

This includes detailed PDF reports showing HD images, imperfection markers and the ‘exact’ centering scores for your cards.

Valuation Add-On

This includes a PDF certificate stating the precise average sold value from all graded companies relating to your scored cards. Prices are 100% accurate and pulled from API data collected by all Ebay & TCG Marketplace sold prices since June 2022.


We are currently the highest rated Pokemon grading company in the UK on Google. You can view our reviews here


You can also spread the cost of your submission at checkout with 0% interest.

Additional Info

Grading reports will be emailed to you upon your submissions completion, as well as stored under ‘reports’ within your account login.

Case dimensions are perfectly designed for the exacts fit of Pokemon, Weiss Schwarz, Pixar, Disney, Magic The Gathering & Topps. Yugioh cards will move around in the case. Please call us if you have any questions regarding this.