Ted Lewis Pokemon Card Signing

Meeting Ted Lewis (Voice Actor) for Gengar, Giovanni & Snorlax

 We started our day ar 4.30am to begin our 490 mile round trip from Bournemouth to Manchester to witness the signing of Pokemon cards that we would then grade. Upon arrival we met Ted for breakfast and spoke about his plans for his first trip to the UK. 

Teds Career

Ted comes across as a stand up guy with an obvious passion for his craft and explained how he got into voice acting as a young man. He first joined summer camps in the USA that were geared for people with an interest for the craft. Soon after he would move and live in New York and land multiple voice actor roles within Pokemon, One Piece, Digimon and more. 

Ted’s Hobbies

Ted loves reading and took notice of a book I purchased in the service station by Matthew Mahogany. We spoke about literature and other great reads by the likes of Dale Carnegie. The only bad part about this witnessed signing was that I had to leave as I felt I could of spoke to Ted all day. 

I’d like to thank Ted for his hospitality and warm conversation. Truly a great man and an absolute pleasure to meet in person for our customers. Ted signed over 20 Pokemon cards for us which among the first in the UK to have ever been signed.