Live Grading At The Dutch Comicon

Live Pokemon Grading In Holland 

Summer Dutch Comicon marked the first time that we provided live grading in Europe. A card was submitted every 2 minutes during our opening window. We received A variety of extremely rare cards including three Gold Star Charizard valued over £3000+ each.

Meeting Jason Paige Again

Always a pleasure to meet with Jason. He was signing cards that we witnessed and would then grade. Jason also treated us to a lovely meal after the show on Saturday. A true gent. 

Happy Customers

It was fantastic to open the submission returns with  customers. On average cards were graded within 3 hours of submitting. We aim to decrease this to less than 30 minutes for the next show in November.

Where Can You Get Tickets For The Next Dutch Comicon?

You can get tickets for the Dutch Comicon here