• Over the years have used many a grading company for my cards, jumping from one to the other. I have finally found the graders for me, I souly grade with... read more

    John Dennett Avatar John Dennett

    So Happy with the service! First time using this company for grading my pokemon cards. Any queries I had, was replied in with great satisfaction! The customer service is spot... read more

    laura cador Avatar laura cador

    The experience was amazing. Done the standard 4 to 6 week turn around and came back after 4 weeks. New clear slabs look amazing. Will be sending... read more

    John Avatar John

    Sorry for the late review!! After following Pokegrade from almost the beginning on Instagram I eventually purchased multiple graded slabs and I was super happy with how quick and professional... read more

    Poke Fusion Avatar Poke Fusion
  • Tommy’sDynamaxDen here and I graded my cards through Gav … slabs are absolutely beautiful clean and work out in to them is incredible. It’s like Steve jobs designed these. Grades... read more

    TOM P. Avatar TOM P.

    Great service, the experience I had with Pokegrade was absolutely amazing. Communication was brilliant and very helpful in answering any questions that I had. The turn around was very quick... read more

    Harley Southwick Avatar Harley Southwick

    TLDR: Pokégrade are FANTASTIC. I've been really keen to start grading my cards with a firm based in the UK for a while now (primarily for convenience), but I've... read more

    Nicholas Doherty Avatar Nicholas Doherty

    Been using Pokegrade for awhile now and have nothing but great things to say about them. Excellent service and always looking to improve, would recommend to anybody looking to grade.... read more

    paul wallwork Avatar paul wallwork
  • excellent company provides a brilliant service great communication fast turn around times reasonably priced high quality product cant fault it highly recommend them and on the rare chance something dose... read more

    PokeMoore Uk Avatar PokeMoore Uk

    Been using Pokegrade for a little while now and find them the best UK company for grading by far! they have the best prices, best support and best looking slabs... read more

    Rob Fallen Avatar Rob Fallen

    Amazing quality cards and slabs! I've been using Pokegrade for some time and watched them evolve with new slabs, labels and processing which has improved every aspect of Thier... read more

    April wood Avatar April wood

    First time grading with this company and they are absolutely wonderful all around!! Lovely detailed report, quick professional service, swift delivery and STUNNING slabs!! Highly recommended grading company!! Will most... read more

    Cain Walker Avatar Cain Walker
  • Amazing service! First time ever grading a card, was a bit nervous not to loose my card cause I’ve never got experience like that. Very fast and agreed with the... read more

    Vladislav Gradinari Avatar Vladislav Gradinari

    Just got my Yveltal back from Pokegrade, it was my very first card grading and it looks absolutely fantastic! My mates use PCG and Majesty but for the price,... read more

    Brucey Avatar Brucey

    Very happy ever time I get cards graded the cases are really good quality next time Il have to try the new arc case Peter and the team have... read more

    Nathan Norgate (ALOCALHOBO) Avatar Nathan Norgate (ALOCALHOBO)

    By far the best slabs and service out there. The original slab is crystal clear and so sleek it displays my cards so perfectly. The arc is the toughest slab... read more

    Sam C Avatar Sam C
  • This was the first time grading cards and the experience was excellent. The whole process from completing the form to receiving the cards back was excellent. I was kept informed... read more

    Stewart Layzell Avatar Stewart Layzell

    If you’re skeptical about sending your childhood possessions to a complete stranger to grade… then fear no more. Pete and his team offer a fantastic, personable service. Where contacting them... read more

    Jamie Nunn Avatar Jamie Nunn

    The best grading company in the UK! Fast turnaround, flexible and love the variety of slabs available. Don't hesitate!

    Callum Toms Avatar Callum Toms

    I've had a few cards graded with Pokegrade and I cannot fault the service. I've had one small issue and it was rectified really quickly. The slabs look really nice... read more

    Max Avatar Max
  • Really happy with my return from Pokegrade! Really great quality and super fast turn around! Will be sending more very soon!

    Michael Hall Avatar Michael Hall

    First UK grading company I’ve ever used and really impressed. The company have great communication, the prices are very reasonable, turnaround times are good and kept too. I’m really pleased... read more

    Harry Rattigan Avatar Harry Rattigan

    I recently went to the pokegrade event in Bournemouth. My son put his folder on the floor and we walked away when we realised he had left it we went... read more

    aaron clark Avatar aaron clark

    A really amazing services and totally professional attitude to protecting cards, long story short I miss read £15 per 1-5 cards and I though it was for all five lol... read more

    Daniella Rouchy Avatar Daniella Rouchy
  • First time getting Pokémon cards graded. I opted for Pokegrade as the reviews I had seen were all positive. All friendly people here and it’s only 20mins from me so... read more

    Jack Dukes Avatar Jack Dukes

    Absolutely brilliant company. Harry has had 2 cards graded and both have come back in brilliant condition. The service is fast and you cards are very well looked after from... read more

    aaron mahoney Avatar aaron mahoney

    I've been using Pokegrade for quite some time with all of my submissions and the quality of the slabs has always been improving along the way while ive watching them... read more

    Ciaran Roberts Avatar Ciaran Roberts

    I have been a part of the Pokegrade community for a short while now, and own a few Pokegrade slabs as well, I have nothing but positive things to say... read more

    Asa McCann Avatar Asa McCann
  • Wow! First time getting cards graded and I’m happy I did it with pokégrade! Great service, parcel came back in 1/3 of the 20 days that I selected! if you... read more

    Paul McGowan Avatar Paul McGowan

    I visited the guys at Pokegrade yesterday with a few dozen of my Pokémon cards. WOW. The cards looks awesome in the Pokegrade slabs. It was clear the team are... read more

    Lawrence Fsadni Avatar Lawrence Fsadni

    Great service, Had 4 cards graded on a 10day Service, the arc slabs are top notch and the cards returned on time. Will be using again soon

    Gary Hall Avatar Gary Hall

    Brought a Signed Jason Paige Card/Slab. It Arrived in the same week and very well packaged. Team has fantastic communication Via there Instagram which helped a lot when it came... read more

    Peter “xx MewTwo xx” Colson Avatar Peter “xx MewTwo xx” Colson
  • Absolutely amazing experience from start to finish. Was the first time I'd ever graded one of my cards and the process couldn't be any easier. The guys at Pokégrade are... read more

    Paul Simons Avatar Paul Simons

    My favourite UK grading company, best looking slabs and labels in my opinion, especially the arc slabs. Grades can be harsh, cards that other graders consider a 10 will often... read more

    J Key Avatar J Key

    This was the first time I have used a card rating service. I started buying Pokemon Cards for my godson just for fun, June 2023. Like any 6 year old... read more

    Stephen Attree Avatar Stephen Attree

    This was my first submission with Pokegrade and it couldn’t have gone any better. I actually messed up my order by inputting the wrong email address I had allot... read more

    billy foster Avatar billy foster
  • I’ve been using pokegrade since celebrations was released, never graded before did some research and I chose pokegrade and wow I’m so happy I did, from amazing customer service, to... read more

    Neil Richards Avatar Neil Richards

    I contacted Peter/Pokegrade as I was looking to sell my extensive childhood card collection. Peter was incredibly transparent and honest throughout the whole process. After meeting him for a... read more

    Phoenix Performance Avatar Phoenix Performance

    I’ve used Pokegrade a number of times now and for me they are an incredible company. They are passionate, professional and their knowledge of cards and the industry is awesome!... read more

    Simon Chastney Avatar Simon Chastney

    Very Happy With The Customer Service at PokeGrade, Especially Pete He Took the Time Out Of his busy Schedule To Help me with Grading My Cards As It's My First... read more

    B.M.B Productions Avatar B.M.B Productions