Grading Reports

At Pokegradeuk we are proud to deliver cards to you that are carefully handled and professionally graded. Our grading reports allow you to access the full transparency on how a card was scored.

Benefits You & Potential Buyers

If your grading rare Pokemon cards to one day sell, reports are an absolute must! Our in-depth reports give potential buyers important data that goes beyond the label.

You'll recieve centering scores, imperfection markers, HD images of both of the cards sides and graders feedback.

How to order a grading report

You can only choose to include this option at the time of submitting your cards for grading.

When Submitting your card

When ordering your card grade, choose to add “grade report” in the dropdown menu.

What is Included in a Grading Report
The Report clearly highlights the area of which a card imperfection resides along with precise centering scores. Our custom made digital grading tool assists our ability to precisely point out important details that are then displayed on a report which will be stored within the 'Reports' section of your account. You can access a report at any time.
Exact centering score
Downloadable PDF Certificate
Minor & major flaw indicator​
Surface indicator
Corner indicator
Graders feedback when pointing out non obvious flaws.
Edge indicator