Grading Reports are here to give you an insight into the reasons that any specific card achieved the grade awarded by our grading team. Each report will show you key points of Interest of a cards condition, as well as present you with subgrades. We have reinvented the wheel and do not use what may be considered traditional or what we feel is the outdated 1-10 subgrade scoring system as this leaves too much room for mixed interpretation and confusion of how the overall grade should be scored. With Pokegrade, each subgrade area will be marked with either ‘No point of concern’ or a ‘Point of concern’ and then elaborated upon within your reports graders comments.  Centering will be scored as using the traditional 50/50 centering system.

Reports Include: –

  • A description of your centering score
  • Flagged point of concerns for surface, edges & corners
  • A further description of any key points of concern.
  •  A downloadable & printable certificate for your graded card
  • A grid referenced picture of both sides of your card with X marking points of concern.